‘Tis the Season for Homemade Ornements and Making Memories By: Meagan Baron

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Music:“Jingle Bells Intro” by Sound System from Jamendo.

My 2 interviewees:

  1. The first is 20-year-old Maddy McConville, a student at Cascadia Community College. She is studying secondary education with a focus on English.
  2. The second is Deidra Metcalfe, a 38-year old mother of 5 who is a student at Everett Community College studying Medical Billing and Coding.

Meagan Baron gives the basics into the world of Duct Tape Crafting

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For extra information that I was not able to add to the slideshow:

Materials you will need/may want to have:

  • A workplace
  • Duct tape:
    • Patterned
    • Colored
    • Clear
    • Don’t waste your money on sheets of duct tape or mini rolls.
  • Cutting utensils:
    • Scissors
    • Razorblade/X-Acto knife
    • Fabric wheel
  • Interior:
    • Paper/cloth/cardboard
  • Cutting surface:
    • Cutting board such as one that you would use to cut food
    • Fabric cutting board
    • a hard surface that you don’t mind scratching up
  • Bows: bobby pins/hairclips, hair ties
  • Sometimes you’ll need:
    • glue gun and glue sticks
    • Permanent markers
    • Stencils
    • Key rings
    • Clasp of some sort:
      • Snaps
      • Ziplocs
      • Velcro
    • Optional: decorations such as:
      • Jewels you can glue on
      • Googly eyes
      • Stickers

Best places to buy materials (top to bottom):

  • Wal-Mart
  • Fred Meyers
  • K-Mart
  • Staples
  • Craft stores:
    • Jo-Ann
    • Michaels

Where the best sites are to go for ideas and tutorials (specific pages on the sites):

  • Pinterest:
  • YouTube:
  • Google searches:
  • com

Each place has its own positives:

  • Pinterest:
    • Allows you to follow pages and boards
    • Emails you pages and boards that you may be interested in based on what you have liked and subscribed to so far.
    • Good quality pictures
    • Huge range of ideas
    • Most of the time it leads you to a website that has steps and tips on the project. Sometimes there is also a video or link to YouTube.
  • YouTube:
    • You can see hands on how to do it
    • The comments people make can add to tips and can direct you to other pages
    • Makers of the video usually look at and respond to questions and comments on their videos, and sometimes make follow up videos, in order to help out their followers. So, a lot of the time, questions are answered as well as requests to make other items.
  • Google searches:
    • As with a lot of things, Google is great at directing you to good tutorials
    • It is also good with allowing you to look under images at different project ideas so you can get an idea of what item tutorial to look up.
  • DuckBrand.com
    • Pretty decent ideas
    • Pretty good tutorial videos
    • Has a useful tool that allows you to pick the print or color you want and find the store that it is located at. This tool can be found on this website under the “where to buy” tab
    • But this is the last place that I usually look at because it is from the employees of that brand, so there is not as much variety.


What phrases are best to search for in the places:

  • Duct tape tutorials
  • Duct tape crafts
  • Duct tape projects
  • Duct tape project ideas


“This was brought to you by Meagan Baron, WSU student.”

Writer and Narrator: Meagan Baron

Photographer: Meagan Baron

Pictured projects made by: Meagan Baron

Music: “Reflections” by 2be, from the website Jamendo

The Monster Mash

Halloween has arrived! And that means candy, costumes and pumpkin carving! In honor of Halloween, here is my interview with Nancy and Olivia Huus, daughter and granddaughter of Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, singer and songwriter of the Monster Mash.

(Pictured above: Nancy Huus and her father Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett)
If you are interested in checking out the website here is the link: themonstermash.com

By Kimberly Olson